Our Farm

We are proud to have our own farm, KirraKoppa, located in the Atherton tablelands, where we source all of our Hereford Beef.

One of the key advantages of running our own herd of Hereford cattle is the ability to follow the animals from the paddock to the front counter—we see the entire process unfold.

We look after our cattle well, and with the farm being on volcanic land, it makes it that much more fertile for grass-fed meat.






Quality Guaranteed

At Marsh Butcheries, we prefer Hereford beef because it’s generally more tender than Angus as we believe that they have a more relaxed temperament. All of our beef is free from growth hormones.

We are very proud of our farm, however, we can’t get all of our meat from there. We source our lamb from Northern NSW and poultry from the Steggles farm in Mareeba.

We ensure that our meat is top-quality and prepared to a high standard. Our friendly staff provide excellent customer service and the exact cut of meat that you need. Contact us today to get your supplies from our experienced and qualified butchers.

Choosing cuts

Consider these tips when buying meat from our local butchery.

What to look for when buying veal and beef: We provide you with quality meat that is prepared fresh in our shop. Our veal is a greyish pink colour, with no marbling and it will be a firm texture. We provide you with veal cuts of meat that include red, soft and porous bones, which is exactly how it should be. Alternatively, our beef selection contains firm, textured red meat that is marbled with fat.

How to select quality lamb and pork meat: The colour of lamb meat can vary depending on the age and breed of the animal. As the animal ages, the colour of the meat darkens and is less tender. Our meat is a pinkish-red colour, with minimal marbling and fat. We provide cuts of pork that are greyish pink, fairly firm and an ideal option when you want more lean meat rather than fat and bone.

Storing our meat

How to store your meat at home: We recommend that you shop for your meat last when out running errands to ensure that you can refrigerate your premium cuts immediately.

Your meat should be stored between 0-5 degrees, or frozen if you are not going to cook it within the recommended time frame.

You can separate a bulk purchase of meat into portions using freezer bags; just ensure that you remove as much air as you can before sealing.

We can also cryovac portions for our customers to help make it easier!

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