Our Producers

Proudly partnering with Australia's best producers.

We carefully select our producers and are very particular about the supply chain ensuring a sustainable growth plan for both the animals and the environment.

We only work with farmers who put effort into both of these areas because without the natural environment, we have nothing. 

We believe the producers we select are some of the best in the country and are confident they will deliver us a superior product 52 weeks of the year. 

At Marsh Butchery we are blessed to have such support both from our wholesalers and farmers knowing we are the oldest butchery in Cairns we have forged the longest relationships with them seeing four generations of farmers come through since 1926 to now. 

It’s a true testament to the agricultural industry and we are proud to showcase our Australian farmers and producers in our shop daily.

Australian Black Wagyu

Australian black Wagyu is a globally recognised brand all over the world in high-end restaurants and premium Butcheries.

Security Foods also has a large share of the export market as well exporting their premium Wagyu to over 20 countries in the world.

The entire breeding and feeding program has been put in place to ensure the cattle have the highest chance to marble and also keep the animals' welfare in the most natural manner.

Security Foods uses Karoge Washu bred wagyu and Tajima bloodlines. Once selected as a grow-out steer the cattle then go into the feedlot for a minimum of 420 days coming out at approximately 390kg-420kg and a minimum marble score of 5.

SF Select Full-Blood Wagyu

The SF Select brand is more commonly known as full-blood Wagyu beef.

The traits of this beef are like no other, being full-blood cattle the 500 days on grain rely on help stimulate the intramuscular fat cells which then creates marbling in the beef.

The SF Select brand is a  more marble score and genetic specified product being only full strains of wagyu cattle that can make the grade and then must achieve a  minimum marble score of 7 to 9+.

This Wagyu beef has a rich and distinctive flavour that will create a butter-like film in your mouth whilst giving you the natural tender aspects of a steak that we have come to desire and expect from Wagyu.

Marsh's Pinnacle Beef

Marsh Pinnacle is grown on the coast of Northern NSW and is MSA graded 4-5 stars for tenderness and flavour.

The reason the Marsh Pinnacle Beef is so sought after is because it is grown on some of the finest grazing lands in Northern NSW and the Victoria hinterland regions.

Hand selecting 18-36-month-old British bred cattle that are GMO-free and HGP free these carcases dress between 280-380kg.

This beef is hand selected from small seasonal farmers who follow all the guidelines that fit into the Marsh Pinnacle programme which is a minimal marble score of 2.

Marsh's Pinnacle Reserve

Marsh Pinnacle Reserve is a select range of table-graded beef that is marble score 3-4.

Predominantly it is British bread cattle fed select rations of grains to achieve the maximum marble score in the most natural manner being out of feeders that are placed around the farms. 

These cattle are 18 -36 months of age and hold a carcus weight of approx 280-340kg and are all GMO-free and HGP-free.

Kiewa Valley Hand-Select Lamb

This is a triple-graded lamb product that's handpicked by experts, it's naturally flavoured and grass-fed in the Kiewa Valley of Victoria.

With its lush pastures, clean air and consistent rainfall, the Kiewa Valley is a perfect place to grow some of the best lambs in the country. Here the young lambs thrive on the rich rolling pastures in a temperate and relaxed setting.

Free-to-Forage Free Range Chicken

Lilydale chickens are handled with care right from the hatchery to the open fields of their farms.

The chickens are raised by passionate farmers under the Lilydale program that ensures animal welfare and the feeding program stays in place with a rich diet including cereals and protein meals.

In the large spread-out farms there are hay bales out to allow the chickens to use their natural instinct to walk up the wooden ramps into the huts. This allows for fun and encourages the exercise of the chickens.

There are also shade huts and trees to allow the chickens to escape from the heat, allowing the chickens to dig in soft soil and roam around searching for grubs and worms.

All this natural behaviour makes for better-flavoured chicken that is healthier for you.

Apple Tree Pork

Apple Tree Pork is 100% Australian-grown pork it is a group of South East QLD farmers that select only the best pigs to make the cut.

Countless years of knowledge and experience and collaborated minds have brought this premium range of pork to Market.

Only the best of the apple tree pork range is available at Marsh Butchery with our strict guidelines of size, fat depth, meat colour and meat quality.

To achieve this we work closely with our farmers who have strict guidelines on animal welfare and overall happiness of the pigs while they roam and grow in a natural environment. 

These pigs are fed a high-quality, nutrient-rich diet grown close to the farms that are specifically rationed and blended to suit the apple tree programme.

This results in pork like no other with superior quality, consistency and flavour that you will expect from the apple tree programme.

Western Plains Goat

The Boer goat is a select breed commonly known for meat quality. 

The Boer goat is a fast-growing goat with pure bloodlines derived from South Africa many years ago. These goats are fed a ration of mixed grains to achieve a minimum weight of 22-34kg.

Whilst being a South African breed of goat they have adapted to grow on the western plains of central QLD.

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