Wholesale Meat

100% fresh and premium.

We are the top choice of meat wholesaler.

As one of Queensland's leading meat retailers, Marsh Butcheries also supplies to wholesale customers including leading cafes, restaurants, superyachts, and other food outlets within the Cairns region.

Why Marsh Butcheries?

You can feel satisfied and content shopping with marsh butchery knowing we have large processing and storage facilities.

We monitor our meat supply heavily with a digitally controlled temperature system that is linked back to the shop abiding by our government bodies and following our HASSIP-controlled guidelines. 

We have a refrigerated vehicle to ensure our meat is transported to you at your premises packaged, labelled and sealed for your convenience.

We help you get the exact cuts of meat you need.

You can order any type of meat for bulk supply including:

Veal and beef: We produce various cuts of beef and veal at our Cairns shop, supplied exactly how it should look. Our beef is firm and slightly moist, with a fresh red colour that is marbled with fat. Our veal has a greyish-pink colour, little fat, and no marbling with soft and red bones which will make for a delicious meal.

Pork and lamb: Our pork is a lean meat cut with little fat or bone and is sourced locally. This meat is supplied with a greyish-pink colour, well-marbled and our cuts have more meat than fat. You can source cuts of lamb that are tender with our pinkish-red meat that has little marbling and fat.

Sausages: Our quality sausages are prepared twice a week in-store to produce flavoursome smallgoods that are gluten-free. We make our homemade sausages using a range of meat flavours, herbs, and spices.

Marsh Butcheries' Values

Premium Quality Produce

Unmatched Customer Service

Supporting Our Local Community

The Marsh Butcheries difference.

When making your choice of your meat supplier next you can feel confident that Marsh Butcheries has the trusted brand, name and reputation to fulfil your requirements with any order big or small we can do it all.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide excellent customer service and will help you customise your order.

After winning the AMIC State Finals with our Traditional Australian Beef Sausages and 3rd at the National Competition we’ve solidified what our customers say—that our sausages and meats truly are something special.

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